Personal Website Design & Support for Small Businesses at Competitive Prices
Personal Website Design & Support for Small Businesses at Competitive Prices


Quality & Simplicity


Hello, I'm Steve. I specialise in creating successful websites for New Zealand businesses at competitive prices. If you want a website, I can create it for you, and get visitors to it.

So why me ?

Because I'll talk to you in plain English, without using technical mumbo-jumbo. We can work together to work out what you want, and you can leave all the complicated technical stuff to me.

So what's a successful website ?

Well it's not a fancy website with lots of clever technical gizmos that website designers like to have fun creating. It is a website that gets lots of visits from potential customers, downloads fast, keeps them looking, and gets you sales. I measure my success by your long term feedback.

But I'm not very good with computers...

No problem. You don't even need a computer to have a website. I create the website and it's your visitors who need access to a computer in order to surf the internet.

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